For Web3 Influencers

1. How does vitamin i works ?

Our AI has already detected your social media profiles. Simply fill out the form with your commercial posting rates and add your BEP20 or ERC 20  wallet addresses for seamless payments. This way, brands can effortlessly discover you, engage your services, and you can efficiently handle brand deals while receiving direct payments through the platform.

2. How do I get paid?

Payment transactions are conducted directly on our website. We utilize ERC20 and BEP20 addresses for payment processing. Upon order completion, you will have the option to select your preferred chain and effortlessly receive your funds.

3. How much does it cost?

Vitamins I is a platform that prioritizes Web3 Influencers and KOL’s. It operates on a zero up-front cost model, meaning there are no initial expenses. We dont charge any transaction fee for sales from web3 Influencers and KOL’s, excluding the gas fees.

4. Is my payment guaranteed?

After successfully registering on our platform and having brands review your profile, they will provide us with a project summary that will be shared with you. You have the option to accept or decline the campaign, granting you the freedom to collaborate exclusively with brands that resonate with your values and vision.

5. What platforms does Vitamin i support?

At present, you have the opportunity to showcase your services across a range of platforms including Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter.

For Brands

1. How does vitaminI work?

Begin your journey by exploring a vast selection of carefully vetted twitter ,Instagram, TikTok,  YouTube & Twitch  Web3 Web3 Influencers available on vitamin i . Once you identify the Web3 Influencers you wish to collaborate with, share a brief with us and we will share it with the Web3 Influencers you would like to work with securely procure their services through our platform. Rest assured, we will safeguard your payment until the work is successfully finalized. Upon completion, conveniently receive top-notch content directly from the Web3 Web3 Influencers via our platform.

2. What is vitamin I ?

Vitamin I is a web3 Influencer marketing  tool designed specifically for discovering , connecting, analysing and paying   Web3 Influencers on twitter, Instagram, TikTok, twitch and  YouTube. Seamlessly explore a wide array of content creators, allowing you to effortlessly find the perfect match. Plus, you have the convenience of making direct payments to NFT/Metaverse/Crypto Influencers through vitamini .

3. Can vitamini manage an influencer campaign for me?

Absolutely! If you’re interested in having vitamin i handle the planning and management of an influencer campaign on your behalf, simply reach out to us to initiate the process. We’re here to assist you in getting started.

4. How are influencers vetted before joining vitamin I ?

At vitamin I, we ensure the authenticity of every web3 influencer listed on our platform through a rigorous identity verification process. Additionally, we conduct thorough audits of their social media presence to detect any indicators of fake followers or engagement. Furthermore, we carefully evaluate their history of past brand collaborations, taking into account their track record in order to maintain a high standard of quality.

5. How does briefing work?

Once you have selected the specific criteria for influencers you wish to collaborate with, we provide you with a comprehensive campaign brief template. This template is then shared with all the influencers you have chosen to onboard for the campaign. Once the influencers accept the brief, the campaign can commence promptly, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for all parties involved.

6. How long does an influencer have to accept my order?

Influencers are allotted a timeframe of 48  hours to accept incoming orders, after which they will expire automatically.

7. How much does it cost?

We apply a one-time fee for handling the brief and facilitating communication with the selected influencers. Additionally, a media commission is charged based on the total budget allocated for the campaign. Rest assured, we securely hold the total amount until the influencers have successfully delivered the assigned tasks.

8. What if an influencer declines my order?

Rest assured, we do not charge you until an influencer accepts your order. Therefore, if your order happens to be declined, no action is required on your part. However, we strongly recommend engaging with multiple influencers to avoid any potential delays in your campaigns.

9. How do I know I will receive the work I paid for?

Vitamin I securely holds your funds until the completion of the work, subject to your approval. Following the submission of the deliverables, you have a window of 48 hours to request revisions or initiate a dispute with VitaminI if needed. Furthermore, upon the conclusion of the campaign, we provide you with a comprehensive analytics report for your review.